Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modular barn?
A modular barn is a building that is made of pre-manufactured panels. These pre-
manufactured components allow for maximum flexibility of design and construction.

Why modular?
Modular buildings are constructed from steel making them stronger than wood
structures. Other outstanding benefits are modular buildings are fire resistant, and
can stand up to harsh weather conditions much better and longer than
conventional wood structures. They are easy to maintain and are very aesthetically

Are these buildings just for horses?
No. Our buildings are used for all types of animals and storage. All buildings are
designed to your needs and so can be configured to house any type of animal
from domestic animals such as dog kennels to zoo animals. Other common uses
for the buildings are for misc. storage, RV’s boats, car, and workshops.

But remember all buildings are made to fit your needs, there are no size limitations.
So no matter what you need; we can design it and built it for you.

My community has CC& R’s, Can your barns or buildings be built to
conform to them?
Yes. Our sales representatives are experienced in working with customers and
their CC&R’s. They can help you along the way, so the process of having you
structure approved can be easier.

I live in an area that has specific wind/snow loads; will your structures
meet these requirements?
Our structures are built to your environments standards. FCP Barns and Buildings designs and engineers buildings and barns with wind loads of up to 140 MPH, and with Snow Loads of up to 150 pounds. Our barns and buildings have withstood major earthquakes, hurricanes and blizzards without structural damage. Our barns are
engineered to go into any environment from harsh deserts to high mountains.
FCP Barns and Buildings's barns have survived through earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

Can I finance a building or barn?
Yes. Spangler construction has financing options available for you.
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